Improve User Engagement
Engagement, Retention, Experience

Customer acquisition propels an app,
Engagement builds a business

More active users

Having users is great but no company has 100% of their users actively using their service. Our main goal is to help you get your users active again! We do this by creating intuitive user experiences.

Intuitive user experiences

With attention spans dropping it's important to design and implement user experiences that make sense to your users. We do everything in out power to keep things light and minimal.

Improve customer retention

You probably don't want your customers to use an alternative to your solution. Losing clients to competition sucks but it happens. Our job is to get your customer lifetime value up!

Who Are We?

We believe that customer engagement and retention is what makes a business sustainable and more able to grow. There’s no point acquiring customers if we’re losing them after a couple months… We help companies with this and that’s why our work is more than delivering code. Before writing a single line we will spend days and sometimes weeks refining your strategy to maximize customer engagement. We do this by diving into the details of your business. This helps us give you critical feedback and allows us to solve complex technical problems.



Jean Vincent has a strong background in software development. He was involved in the founding of over 10 startups. He has designed the business model for the leading business VOIP company (NYSE: EGHT), who is now worth over 2 billion dollars and is still operating under Jean Vincent’s business model and engineering.

VP of Engineering

Khalifa Nassik has over ten years of experience in JavaScript Development. He joined the team in 2011 and has been working with Jean on developing fully reactive web applications since. His passion is helping others learn the tools he’s mastered over the years as well as spending time away from the city to relax.

Business Development

Samy Vincent started his career as a freelancer in architectural rendering. As he grew his practice he developed a passion for marketing. He also developed an in house app with the help of Jean and Khalifa to improve customer communication. He has a strong eye for solving business needs and problems.


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